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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  April 16, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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let's go back to the desk. we are following breaking news of a big earthquake in iran. it is a 7.8 magnitude quake and this is one in a slightly populated region but it was felt as far away as new delhily dubai and bahrain. last week the quake killed 37 people and we will continue to follow this latest development. we have new developments in the deadly boston marathon bombing. we have new information this morning and a major overnight development. alex savage begins our coverage. >> we are expecting the fbi to talk more about the search for suspects in the deadly boston marathon and this all follows a major development from overnight and what we want to show you is video.
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this was taken early this morning. it shows law enforcement agents searching and the search reportedly follow add traffic stop where they pulled over a suspicious driver and they began to pull out items as you can see and this happened at the boston marathon. >> that was before the scene of chaos and carnage as two bombs exploded near the finish line and those went off two seconds apart. the chaos 2 dead, a one of them killed, an 8-year-old boy. more than a dozen hurt they are still in critical condition and so far they do not know who may be responsible for the bombings but the white house is now calling this an act of terrorism. >> we will find out who did
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this, we will find out why they did this. any responsible individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice. >> it appears two bombs were left in garbage cans along the marathon route and they are calling them crude devices. it is expected to happen a couple of hours from now and we will bring you more information as soon as we get it. live from the newsroom, alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. it was a horrible chaos and carnage scene. the powerful blast made it to the horrified people at the scene that this was a deliberate act. they were there to help the runners and they were there immediately confronted with a
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life or death situation. >> i think what really surprise immediate was the number of people and really the amount of blood and the amount of injuries. >> stay with ktvu channel 2 morning news all morning long for live coverage and again we will get an update and we will have a live report from boston, coming up 4:32. aaron was hit in the head with shrapnal. he was taken to the hospital where he was the last checked and he is scheduled to undergo a second surgery. his father analysis were also at the race but were not injured. 60-year-old sam rolen said he had just finished the race when he heard the explosion and
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saw what happened. he was critically wounded. >> i saw it just a few minutes before and i can't get that out of my mind. >> roll land has been in -- roland has been in touch with family members and they will be there for him as he comes off the plane tomorrow. and they are bracing for the bakers race in san francisco. firefighters are investigating the cause of a fire that killed a seven-year- old girl. that fire started at a detached garage. when firefighters arrived they found a seven-year-old dead inside the garage where a family was living. >> this was a very harsh night that we had to deal with and it's very hard on the community and again we are here to
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support the family. >> two other people were treated for smoke inhalation and they are expected to survive. hours before they were expected, that started at 8:30 at a home on south daniel way. firefighters were able to pull a woman out but they could not save her and another person was found dead but strong winds made it difficult to keep the fire out and the cause is still growing. the fire started at 10:30 at lovely sweets and snacks at el comino royal. no firefighters were hurt. the cause of that fire is still being investigated. let's check in for a complete look at the morning
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commutes, hello, sal. for the morning commute, it's not too bad out there. it is looking pretty good,s a you move through there are no major problems heading out getting out to the bay bridge toll plaza and there is a not a lot going on there are no major problems to start the silicone commute. >> it is a reversal of what we saw last week where it was howling in the morning and we have some gusts and a little bit of cloud cover came down from the north and most of that is up in the north and high pressure is really building. if you can't see it, i will tell you, it is. a snow shower will clear out by
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10 to northerly and it is clearing out and we have some really cold readings out there. a breeze helps some. 52-41 and walnut creek, we have some chilly readings and san jose is cooler than santa rosa. you can already see it, 27 in eureka and 32 in other areas nearby. high pressure is building and sun is coming out, it is a cold morning out there but it will be a little warmer he today. 60s for most. a couple of low 70s to near
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average on the temperatures and tomorrow we warm it up and in fact it looks food all the way to the weekend. >> 4:37 coming up, a search for the marathon pointer plus what the blasts looked like and the perspective from that race. she committed suicide because her friends sexually assaulted her. what happens as the audrey pot case goes to trial.
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. reporter jennifer davis joins us live from boston with more on what is happening there, jennifer? >> reporter: we have a number of things developing and if we want to start with the investigation we know the fbi is taking the lead.
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we know there was a saudi there at the blast and while he is not being called a suspect, officials are talking to him. although officials say he is here on a student visa and it appears to be legitimate. they served a suburb yesterday and they were seen taking a number of things out of that house as well. there is no suspect, no motive and nobody has taken responsibility for this. >> before we let you go, is there a sense of norm i, i know -- normalcy? >> yes, we are watching a man pushing a stroller and there is certainly a lot of runners out this morning. i think the city is sat and subdued and there is an increased amount of security and bags are being searched and
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you will see everything from search teams to national guard members around town right now. >> reporter: there is an enormous area people can't get to. it is certainly not a normal day here. i think there is a great deal of sadness and the incredible number of people who lost limbs. the story of the 8-year-old boy who was running to hug his father as he was coming to the finish line and he young boy died. it is one of the most joy as things they celebrate here year round. and on you tube we want to show you this blast from the point of view of a runner. >> unbelievable, one of the people participating in the
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race posted this video, the excitement approaching the finish line quickly turned to terror and the bombs went off not far from copely scare -- copley square. it happened just before the finish line and it happened just a block away. the trainer of a bay area running club said he experienced some tense moments until he found out all five of his runners who took part in the boston marathon were safe. >> this is from mike, we are safe in our hotel, i saw and felt both explosions, awful, awful awful. >> trainer jay richmond led people through the streets of boston to run as a trainer and he said he is not competing in next year's boston marathon. >> we want to make sure we are not going to be intimidated by
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people who do stuff like this, it's really just sad. >> among runners, the boston marathon is really something special and he is heart broken somebody has tarnished that i am man. across the country people are stepping up security and san francisco mayor ed lee said security was increased within minutes of the explosions. extra officers drew clouds including bart. >> san francisco, according to anywhere in the world we have protocols. >> they have next month's beta breaker's race and anybody who sees anything suspicious they are to call and security in
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oakland got kicked up a nachos as well. before the race bomb-sniffing dogs were sniffing seats and all over the area. >> we want you to come out and don't stay home and we want you to do things people have been doing for years. >> they paused for a moment of silence to honor those suffering. a teenage girl was shot in oakland. officers say she was shot outside the up riding youth office -- uprising youth office. she was shot and we have no word on her condition this morning or on any arrests in the case. oakland police are searching for a and in a molestation case. a man was let inside on saturday by claiming he was a plumber who needed to check for
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leaks. police say he molested a girl inside the apartment when he screamed. he is described as a white male with light brown hair and a white beard. >> three teens who sexually assaulted 15-year-old audrie pott while she was drunk and passed out at a party, during a conference yesterday, her mother said they wrote crude messages on her body an e- mailed photos. she committed suicide days later. >> they harassed the victim with the photos and took steps to cover up the evidence. >> audrie pott's mother and father plan to sue them and want them to be tried as
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adults. the boy's say they were inaccurate and a judge will decide whether they will remain in custody or be released to their parents. we are following breaking news this is the iranians -- iran where the quake measured 7.8 and another quake hit the region lastweek killing 37 people and we are getting death tolls on this new earthquake and we will continue to follow this story but we will bring more information as soon as it becomes available. >> hopefully the traffic will not be a prop problem. >> we are looking at the commute on the -- commute on the east shore freeway and the
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commute is looking good on the bay bridge plaza and we had an accident on the sunole grade which has been moved to the shoulder and 880 and 101 are off to a good start. it is a little chilly, a system is wrapping up in the sierra nevada and we have a couple of snow showers but breezes for us will not be sunny. our system came by yesterday which was not that much in the way of cloud cover. it was a chilly morning and it was sunny, breezy and that wind is turning more northerly and we are not going to jump into too much warming yet, so good old valley ford, even up by napa, wal-mart creek, a lot of these temperatures are cooler.
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the winds will turn more northerly, still a component of a westerly breeze and 28 in tahoe, 37 in ukiah and eureka. and this time of year the days are longer, sunshine will moderate, it's going to be sunny breezy after a cold morning, up a little bit just getting near average to slightly below. upper $60 to very low 70s, and it might be a little bit warmer and we will take that to tomorrow. i think the warmest day will be thursday. still pretty good and some temperatures are leveling out. investigation uncovers torture by our government after
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9/11. north korea and south korea how it is being pulled into the dispute. and hitting the east coast, a phenomenon that could ginny day now -- begin any day now. look at them kids. [ sigh ] they have no idea what it was like
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welcome back, overnight news there is a chilling new threat from north korea they would not give any advanced notice if they decide to attack south korea and they are responding to insults from the puppet government inside south korea. the government of seoul is taking its orders from the u.s. and they are planning on taking secrets posts as a u.s. spy. he pleaded guilty to espionage and he has been in jail since 2011 and the 24-year-old is from kentucky. in the years after 9/11 attacks, they say it is undisputable that americans engaged in torture. they not only tortured them but
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slammed them into walls, water boarded them and kept them awake for days on end. they say there is no proof it produced valuable information that could have come from other means. faa is banning all aircraft except for other equipment in two miles where the two explosions happened yesterday. the no fly zone reaches up to 3,000 feet and the restrictions do not affect flights in logan airport, no word on when the ban will be lifted. and into the ocean he is now describing what he felt. it dragged down the plane and he tried to regain control instead the plane belly flopped under the water and all
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passengers survived that crash. sometime soon, billions of creepy crawlly things will be swarming the east coast. that is what they sound like if you have not heard of them, cicadas. every year billions emerge from underground to meat. starting from this area to north korea they make a screeching sound by rubbing on their abdomen in hopes of attracting a female. they sound like loud electric transformers. i have been to the midwest. >> time now 4:55, -- >> say that again, billions of them. >> it sounds like a horror flick doesn't it? >> yes. good morning everybody. we will start in the east and
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we don't have a lot going on. we hope it stays this way. this is a look at 880 northbound and if you want to drive to san a matt matt, the winds -- san mateo the winds are not as gusty and we'll see what we have in store. the peninsular look good on the 101, let's go to steve. it is a little breezy and yesterday the morning was not too bad and yesterday it cranked up and it was the strongest i saw but there was a lot of 50 to 55s and it is still working its magic up in the sierra but we are getting a westerly or northerly breeze and it has been a cooler pattern but we get this behalf and it has been a windy april. today it will be breezy but it
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is kind of a transition day and that's a warmer pattern but i tell you, it is a cold morning out there and slight showers, for us mostly sunny and for us 40s and 50s. it plunges right off the table, one little low right there and that keeps a breeze going in the forecast. that will not be until tomorrow. a brisk chilly morning but it will be a little bit warmer, 50s and 60s, sunnyside up and warmer as we head to tomorrow and most of the week. >> thank you steve, here is what is coming up next, the growing political debate over gun control, find out why he is moving to the state capital. >> also, we are following a major overnight development in the boston marathon bombings, stay with us.
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. what happened overnight outside the city. >> a bay area man describing the horror right near the finish line


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